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Article posted on 22/03/2017

Regional Economic Impact Assessment

Manuherikia Irrigation Scheme - Regional and District Economic Impacts

Report prepared as an input to a study for the Manuherikia Catchment Water Services Group - Butcher Partners Ltd

Article posted on 21/02/2017

Business Lunch - Thinking for the Future

Business Lunch - Thinking for the Future 'The relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to businesses in New Zealand'

Article posted on 23/12/2015

Opus Dam Options Report October 2015

Article posted on 20/01/2015

Article written by the MCWSG for The News newspaper, January 2015

Reliable irrigation water for landowners in the Manuherikia catchment and a healthier river in the valley are the aims of the Manuherikia Catchment Water Strategy Group.

Article posted on 15/11/2014

Article written by the MCWSG for the Mirror newspaper, November 2014

It’s likely a proposal to upgrade the Falls Dam scheme to provide reliable irrigation in the Manuherikia Valley can be “fine-tuned” to reduce costs, Manuherikia Catchment Water Strategy Group deputy chairperson Gary Kelliher says.

Article posted on 15/10/2014

Article by the MCWSG summarising the ORC’s new water quality rules (Plan Change 6A)

In May this year (2014) the Otago Regional Council introduced new water quality rules, known as Plan Change 6A (PC6A).

Article posted on 30/05/2014

Big decision ahead on irrigation – Otago Daily Times article

Manuherikia Valley landowners will decide next February on a proposal to extend the valley’s irrigation scheme.

Article posted on 22/05/2014

Media release from the Manuherikia Catchment Water Strategy Group May 2014 – Date set for decision on Manuherikia water

Manuherikia Valley landowners will be asked to decide in February (2015) how the catchment’s irrigation water should be used in the future.

Article posted on 11/06/2013

Clarification from ORC on Water Quality Works 2013/2014 Year

The Otago Regional Council’s Matt Hickey has released the following information in regards to proposed monitoring which could be used for the Feasibility Study.

Article posted on 09/05/2013

Manuherikia Catchment Request for Proposal – Released

Open: Thursday 9th May 2013

Close: Friday 14th June 2013 at 3pm

Following community-wide consultation by the MCWSG, a Community Proposition has been developed.  It builds a consensus on rural water use in the catchment, and will be used as a basis for continued engagement with the community throughout the length of the project.

Please feel free to look over the document by clicking on the link below:

Article posted on 01/05/2013

Community Proposition Launch

We are proud to announce that the Community Proposition has been launched. Thank you to everyone that took the time to come along last night to witness the unveiling of this document.

A special thank you to  Mayor Tony Lepper, Allan Kane, Kevin Steel,  and Peter Bodeker who all spoke about the positive contribution the proposition will provide for the “going forward” of the project.

This document is designed to build a consensus on rural water use in the Manuherikia and Ida Valleys and is the outcome of community-wide consultation undertaken by the Manuherikia Catchment Water Strategy Group. Described as a “touchstone” document, it is a statement of intent for the development of rural water resources in these Valleys.

It is not a legal or statutory document and its purpose is not to compromise, conflict with, diminish, replace or remove the need to comply with other legal requirements, agreements, community plans, applicable Acts, regulations and bylaws. It is intended to be complementary with them.

Read the full Community Proposition below.

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